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Digital Vision. Warning Information in this article applies to Microsoft Word It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

Mac OSX - Tracking Changes in Word

About the Author Brian Hooper has more than 10 years of editorial experience. I usually just boot a Win7 virtual machine to use Office, honestly.

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I know that Word is not the best with large documents but I am using it since years and it started only know with this problem which occur with every document. Have you tried to reset delete the 'Normal.

How to Remove User Names from Existing Track Changes in Microsoft Word

Even with simplified view of track changes turned on, I still have this issue on macos movaje with word What does this say about MSFT when it comes to quality testing? I guess they know how to crowd source free testing. Christian Fritz Christian Fritz 5 5 bronze badges. IconDaemon Jeremy Young Jeremy Young 11 3 3 bronze badges. An additional test would be to use or create another user account on that Mac to see if the problem manifests itself.

I then re-installed Office, re-updated it and everything went back to normal. Note: Backup your Outlook data using the export function.

How to use Track Changes in Word | Digital communications team blog

Pro Backup 2, 5 5 gold badges 29 29 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges. N Sheikh N Sheikh 1. When you open or save a Microsoft Word document, markup text comments, ink annotations, insertions and deletions, and formatting changes that you turned off in the document the last time that you saved it may appear again. To change this behavior and to retain the Reviewing options as you did in Word , follow these steps, as appropriate for the version of Word that you are running. In the left pane, click Privacy Options, and then click to clear the Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving check box.

Make a change to the document. For example, type a space, and then delete the space. Then, save the document.

Note If you do not perform step 6 and make a change to the document, the change that you made to the Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving option may not take effect the next time that you open the document. Note If you save the file with the Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving option cleared, another user will see the markup text immediately when he or she opens the document. The other user must also clear the Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving option. This is because when you open a document that contains tracked changes, the document appears in the Final Showing Markup view to indicate that the document contains tracked changes.

This behavior is by default. Have you ensured you 'Accpeted Changes' for these existing docs? I had the same problem as I kept opening a doc where I turned off Track Changes, only to have it re-appear. If you accept those changes the Track Changes setting you select will take place. If you do not, the setting that was put in place before will persist each time you open the document. In the Review section, besides just clicking the Accept button, there is a drop down.

Then save the doc, close and reopen and it should be fine. That is the only way to get rid of all the comments. Afterward, you will not see them anymore. This is definitely a bug that Microsoft and Apple need to fix right away. Listen now.

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